Have a drink, play a song, and stop for a minute to think what you want to do with your life. Are your ambitions too high, too far, too late to accomplish? Or are they strong enough to make you believe you can make it?

And so we were three.

Three with the same commitment to make something of our own. Three with the passion needed to leave all the rest behind, and start a project based on what we love: thinking and creating. So we wanted to make apps. And so we decided to make them. You just have to want it, really.




Steve Urrego. Developer & co-founder

Email: steve@himom.co

Instagram: @steveurrego


​Margarita Acosta. Designer & co-founder

Email: margarita@himom.co

Instagram + Twitter: @mmargarina 


Julián Urrego. Developer & co-founder

Email: julian@himom.co

Instagram + Twitter: @justiurrego

CONTACT US:  info@himom.co   -   Medellín - Bogotá - Colombia